FTLComm - Tisdale - June 23, 2000
What ever the event, rodeo, trade show, sports day, motor madness weekend, it doesn't seem to matter Tisdale's locally owned and operated businesses seem always willing and able to jump in and give a hand. They are the sponsors, they shell out money to provide support to the club or groupholding the event and they do so time after time.

Many of these sponsors provide this help and support with no real hope of recovering their expense in advertising because many of the events are simply not their target market.
Northern Steel Industries is one of the largest employers in the area but most of its sales are spread across the country yet when a project is undertaken in the community Northern Steel is rarely not on board as a sponsor and participating

supporter. Northern Steel not only supports projects but it also backs up its employees who are often the people who can be counted on as volunteers and participants in the various community events.

Bow Mar Sales Ltd. and John Bob Farm Equipment are the two retailers who repeatedly make a solid effort at supporting and provide their backing to so many community projects.

Ron Bowditch and Jim York at Bow Mar and Bob Penner and John McShannock at John Bob are often personally involved in everything from parades to bonspiels. These owner managers are active members of service clubs and kick in their personal efforts and money as well to make good things happen in their community. It is so important to understand that the economic and financial squeeze the farmers are having directly affects retailers like these so that when things are tough for agriculture these dealers have the same problems as their customers yet we are continuing to see them, just as they always have, doing their part in almost every project.

The assistance to the community that these companies provide goes far beyond their support of major events but if you look closely you will discover these businesses are responsible employers. All three do their best to have and keep only full time workers and those people who work for them reflect the loyalty their employer shows them by giving
their best shot to their work and the priorities of this rural town.

When FTLComm went into business, struggling to establish a unique and different kind of operation then conventional businesses these three businesses all provided support and directed some business to us and other start up businesses have said that they too have had similar experience with NSI, Bow Mar and John Bob.

The businesses in a community all have to do their part to make things happen and I know there will be companies that I have missed but these are ones I have noticed and seen on many occasions that are on that list of sponsors.



The interesting thing about these two companies is that they are are service companies that pretty much corner their market and really have no need to advertise to get customers to call them up. Yet they are almost always willing sponsors.

Little's Redi-Mix and Chupa Excavations are team players. In many cases they make their donations in the form of working equipment and materials but they are also called upon for cash donations as well and t contributing to a really wide range of things.

When you consider all the elements that must combine to make our place a good place, you realise that private community based business, local government and service clubs can achieve remarkable things when they work closely together.

Tisdale's insight in having such a well organised and skilled staff in Parks and recreation is often the key to these successes. The sponsors and their monitory and individual support is the power that makes good ideas take shape and contribute to a place we are all proud to call home.