Tisdale Credit Union 60 years old

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, June 18, 2003

After sixty years in business, Tisdale Credit Union feels that it owes a lot to its community. It, like the community, has continued to grow and develop, so it seemed fitting to share the marking of this milestone in history and celebrate with the people of Tisdale. From eleven this morning, through until two this afternoon, it was free hamburgers, cold soft drinks and coffee for the hundred and seventy or so people who stopped by the SAAN store parking lot.

It was just after ten this morning that this first set of pictures of the
staff setting up the symbolic birthday cake and the cooking crew were putting the finishing touches on the barbecues and food tables.

While banks across Canada have cut back on service and staff, the Tisdale Credit Union has done just the opposite as it has added people to its work force, expanded its services and developed needed programmes for its customers. This explains why in its sixtieth year Tisdale Credit Union is largest single small town Credit Union in Saskatchewan.

In other parts of Saskatchewan Credit Unions like the banks, have been merging and the larger urban and large rural credit unions have absorbed the smaller ones. Tisdale has concentrated on providing service to its community and its customers have remained loyal as the business continues to expand each and every year, almost unaffected by the downturn in the agricultural economy.

With ten customer service representatives the Tisdale Credit Union is the only banking institution in town that a customer can walk into and not expect to spend half of the time in the place waiting in line.

In the last year the outside and interior of the building have undergone extensive modernisation while at the same time the computer system has been completely replaced. These visible changes have reflected the structural changes that also have been part of the way the Credit Union does business. It now has mobile agricultural service representatives who go out to see the farmers on site and help them plan and organise their business and banking needs.

This summer four summer students have joined the Credit Union's staff and because of the modern training students are getting, they really can contribute to the Credit Union's service to its community.

I talked with the chairman of the board of directors, one of the board of directors and the manager and all expressed the desire to share the celebration of sixty years of community service with the people of Tisdale, not just the regular customers but with everyone.

It is clear that the individuals of Tisdale like the good service that their Credit Union provides, but I asked the manager if the Credit Union was getting its share of commercial business in the community? Indeed, it is clear that Tisdale business and industrial companies have found the services and large staff of the Credit Union make it a good choice and have been taking full advantage of the Credit Union's ability to respond dramatically to the needs of its customers.

Perhaps the best example of the dedication of service by the Credit Union is its telephone system. In every other case, Tisdale's banks do not answer the telephone, but you are routed to a series of automated menus and no matter how simple the problem, getting through to a Tisdale bank is not possible, so the only alternative is to go and wait in line. However, when you call the Tisdale Credit Union your call is answered by a person.

Happy birthday, Tisdale Credit Union.

Timothy W. Shire



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