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FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, January 9, 2007

There is no question about the passion Tisdale folks have for golf and now here is a chance to do something about the quality of the game. Yves Ollivier's new business in the Tisdale Mall gives the would-be golfer a chance to get some professional lessons to spruce up their game or they can just pay for a bucket of balls and keep up their swing through the off season.

Though golf seems to be a difficult sport it is suprising the improvement a person can experience with a few lessons. Besides the two driving ranges additional measuring equipment is on the way to help even the most accomplished golfer clean up their slices and hooks.


Every family who has to contend with a hockey player and his or her bag of equipment knows that no matter how careful the stuff stinks. This new business has a machine and process that can process a set of gear and kill off the ordour producing bacteria. A few treatments a season will make that smelly stuff easier to store and less disgusting to put on.

Yves Ollivier is an accomplished artist who enjoys painting nature and scenery but his real passion is creating costume commissioned sports scenes.


He enjoys the immortalisation of a player, or team, by transforming the essence of the player, or players, into a work of art.

In the store their are art images ready for the wall in a special place in your house or as a gift or you can have an original created of your favourite player.

So cruise out to the Tisdale Mall and drop in at NorthEast SaniSport / Inside Golf. Get your hockey gear smelling better and maybe arrange to clean up your golf game a bit. Welcome Mr. Ollivier as part of Tisdale's business community, this is a real credit to the community.



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