Inchworm, New Store Opens In Tisdale

FTLComm - Tisdale - March 3, 2001

Friday was opening day for a new store in downtown Tisdale. Linda and Selena have taken the bold move to open a children's store with clothing for children, furniture, books and toys this becomes an outstanding addition to the Tisdale marketplace.

When this reported dropped in to get a picture or two there was a line up at the till as people were finding exactly the sorts of products that are hard to find.

Almost one third of the floor space is devoted to children's clothing, from infant wear to pre-teens. With a this being a new store the stock is up to the minute and right in style.

The toys, games and puzzles will make most parent's
eyes sparkle as Inchworm has products that are both educational and also fun to use and work with. From the complex dinosaurs to large early childhood table manipulative, you will find items that parents know are just what they have been looking for the growing minds and capabilities of their child.
Inchworm has also a great selection of popular children's books covering a wide range of ages. From books to read to children to books on tape, to children's literature designed for young readers Tisdale now has a very special source of materials.

The furniture section, shown below, has cribs, bedroom sets and much more, since the store is focused on children the furniture line is specialised and hard to find products will make this store the place to go.
Congratulations to Selena and Linda, this store solves that problem of finding a baby gift for us and for parents and grandparents one stop shopping for children.