Where not to do lunch

FTLComm - Prince Albert - Thursday, February 16, 2006

Finding a good place to eat is a serious challenge. For now the top of my lunch list is the Home Quart in Naicam. Excellent special each day, wholesome food and ample serving at an affordable price. That's what a person wants, a lunch that is just the right amount of good tasting food. By the way, Tisdale's Mr. Ribs is right up there on my favourites lunch list.

If you are in Prince Albert at lunch time the quest is still on. I have had lunch at the Marquis a couple of times but my last visit just was to much hassle with the waitress so I went looking for an alternative on this past Monday. I struck out.

Grainfields is definitely not recommended. Their special for Monday was "crispy chicken and caesar's salad". That sounded reasonable for $6.79 with coffee extra so that's what I ordered. No soup available as part of that meal but it did include garlic toast. When my order came I immediately felt the need for a search warrant. Atop the caesar were some croutons but there was no sign of the leading element, "crispy chicken." I began a forensic examination of the croutons and low and behold some of them were miniscule bits of chicken. All told the amount of chicken on that salad would be less than a teaspoon.

The waitress was outstanding, she had kept my coffee cup full and even told me that my meal would soon arrive. After I had time to examine the pitiful offering she came by and asked "how is everything?" This was a tough question, she had been so nice to me and now I had to tell her that I was looking at an empty meal. I explained to her that I would have more coffee, with the cream in it had more protein content than the meal. She did not charge me for the coffee but $6.79 for a plate of lettuce and two skinny pieces of toast. I definitely needed an early supper Monday.



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