1962 Cadillac

FTLComm - Maple Creek - Thursday, September 13, 2001

My grandmother reported that the very first automobile she ever saw was when the doctor from Wawota came out to Kelso in his Cadillac and took her for a ride. That event was before World War I but no other name brand symbolises luxury and the grand concept of using a vehicle to move about for pleasure like the name Cadillac.

In the fifties they were hulking metal monsters with distinctive mammary front bumpers and a hip dip at the

back door window. They were less than attractive and yet stood for the ultimate in North American culture and luxury.

This 1962 convertible is all of things Cadillac could mean and more, it is probably the best, most aesthetically pleasing vehicle of its time and for many of this time as well.

The convertible is in itself the most impractical car driven in Canada and yet makes perfect sense in a car as expensive and impractical as the sixty-two Cadillac.

This one did its duty last Saturday to be the carriage for Kevin Mulatz and his bride Connie following their wedding in Maple Creek.