1963 Ford Falcon

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, August 25, 2006

The first thing one needs to be reminded when looking at this car is that it was built more than forty-three years ago. This car was in the third year of its production which ended in North America in 1970.

It was as early as 1952 that Canadians and Americans began to question the size of North American cars. Kisser had put the funny little Henry J on the market but it was simply inferior to Ford Prefects, Austin Anglia marketed by GM and Morris Minor and Minis that were part of a post war invasion of the auto market. Though many point to the popularity of


the Volkswagen which first appeared in the US in 49 it was the whole trend toward something a little more sensible that prompted the big three to put their design teams to work on some North American compacts. Rambler had several, as did Wilies but when GM put the Corvair on the market it was clear that Detroit was on a mission. Ford replied that same year with the Falcon while Chrysler brought out its Valiant.

Corvairs were mechanically unsound and dangerous, the Valiant cheap and tiny but the Falcon was a solid little car. Though there were all sorts of fancy two door, convertible and


even a truck version (the Ranchero) this example is what Ford and the trend that prompted its production had in mind. A sensible little car, study, reliable and durable. Ford recognised the appeal of a sports car and used Falcon parts and power train to assemble its Mustang.

The Australian version of the Falcon we all have seen in Mad Max movies was perhaps Ford's best car of the era so popular that in Australia the Falcon is still in production.

This one is in the perfect paint colour, a baby blue which was just as popular at the time in full sized Fords.

The auto industry clearly had come to its senses for a brief moment when the Falcon was created but it soon lapsed back into its own self induced hallucinations but this number is for sale and you can reach the owner at 306 873-5874.



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