Neat Car - 1956 Plymouth

Thursday, February 13, 2003
I have a 56 belvedere four door hardtop car. It is 95% restored.
Perhaps you can give me your thoughts on a transmission change. I would like to keep the push button version, however, I would like to install one from a 1963 or 64. Is this possibly?
I have a parts car in the event you need parts. My good friend whose health is bad gave me the car since we have been friends a long time. His father bought the 56 belvedere new.
Since 1968 to 1975. Joe and I would seek out salvage yards for 56 parts. Most are in good shape.

J. Stanley

Editor's note:
This often happens, because of the way this web site is constructed a person can search the web and discover a story but will not realise that the story is just that, a piece of a much larger daily web site. Mr. Stanley discovered the story about a 1956 Plymouth that was feature here August 2, 2002 and at that time there was no little note at the bottom identifying this as only a part of a large web site.
Now if anyone has some ideas on how Mr. Stanley can solve the transmission problem click on his name and that will get you his email. There are a lot of reasons he would want to keep the push button automatic transmission of the era, it was truly a remarkable devise and of course if worn out not replaceable now.
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