FTLComm - Tisdale - November 17, 1998
This image was taken only seventy-five feet from the earlier 1952 version seen here over a week ago and then last week we had a picture of my own 1950 car from the 1960s. This blue 1940 model is in outstanding condition, particularly the interior which in vehicles this old are usually in pretty bad shape. This one looks like its interior is in original condition. The Blue paint is likely a modification although there were a number of colours for this car including a blue which was a grey blue and a dark navy. Most 1940 Plymouths would have come out of the factory in Olive Drab. I really appreciated hearing from Lanny Knutson, editor of the Plymouth Bulletin, about the 1952 car, if anyone would like to tell us more details about the 1940 car I would really like to hear about it.

I believe the same "L" head six cylinder engine power this car as the later ones but as a kid I recall these were especially rugged vehicles. Unlike the Ford of the time it was more stable on the road. The 1939 Pontiac had unusual "knee action" shock aborbers but as far I know the Plymouth was equipped with a modern suspension.