FTLComm - Tisdale - December 11, 1998

November 2, we published what we identified as a 1950 Plymouth and it was quickly pointed out that we were mistaken that instead the car was a 1952 version of the venerable Chrysler built vehicle. Yesterday only fifty feet from the 1952 version was this one with its proud owner at the wheel and it was purring just as though it had rolled out of a Chrysler factory only minutes ago. What is even more remarkable is that the muffler is rusted out and this car was sitting there running without one and still was exceptionally quiet.

This 1950 Plymouth is in remarkable shape only some oxidation on the paint mars its appearance and a tiny bit of polish would return it to the deep luster of real paint (since 1957 all North American vehicles have been finished in acrylic) At some point in its history it was decorated with some decals on the rear bumper and lost a front bumper horn.