Minnisota - Friday, September 28, 2001 - Letter to the Editor by: Eric Landman
In 4 grade in minnisota year 2000. Me and 4 frieands where bilding a snow fort. There whas about 7 inchis og snow covering the ground with hills like a desert of snow with wind. We where dun with the fort when some one ask us if he can join we said yes. about 515 othger people joind. about 15 daies later there whas a war agenst the 6 grades lastes about 20 daies. we won and I and 8 others whent of and formd a nother snow fort smaller then thiers. Editor's Note: Eric is in grade five or six and must have come across in a search engine an Ensign story on snowforts published January 11, 1999. We received this email from Eric yesterday and wanted to share it with you just as it was written.
About this time there whas the tire 4 grade class in the other snow fort.Besides for me and 6 others.We had wars and wars aginst the other snow fort we could not beat them atal. Then we joind the 5 grades and atakt the 3 graders for snow balls and there fort we beat them and one and beat the other fort barly.I could tell thousands of stories about the wars and other stuff.
I'm wating for the next winter probly some more wars this time.
Eric Landman