FTLComm - Tisdale - December 31, 1999

Recycling is a great concept when it comes to conservation and efficient use of unrenewable natural resources but when it comes to time we have to consider new being a better way to go.

The intrinsic problem with time is that each moment is based upon the one that preceded it and no matter how hard we try we each carry with us the baggage of the past. That is not necessarily a bad thing but there are encumbrances from assuming that today will be like yesterday. The twentieth-century brought humanity to the brink of ultimate extinction with the
massive world encompassing
war that consumed 1936 to 1948 and perhaps beyond and saw the use of destructive forces that until 1945 had only rested with the universe. We followed that session up with the drenching of the environment with chemicals that threaten the very atmosphere itself and have contaminated soil, water and air with abandon.

Now is a good time to start fresh. This morning's blanket of snow like the coming of the new year can cover up some of the past and as winter snow heralds the promise of a coming time of renewal in spring tomorrow is the beginning of a new time sequence. A time sequence that we can attempt to make of it what we will, for better or for worse. Certainly there will be things from the past emerging like the garbage through spring snow but the wash of time and the realisation that we humans can do better is a strong and powerful message. Enjoy today and tonight let us make a new tomorrow shiny and bright.