Will Be Home Soon

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 2, 2001
Friday afternoon as I was leaving town I spotted this little boy sitting atop this fire hydrant facing the street South as he patiently was clearly waiting for someone. I was to slow in realising the poignancy of the moment to get the picture so I circled the block to see if he was still there and indeed he was still at his post only now dismounted from atop the hydrant and cautiously watching me drive by camera in hand.

For those of us who's dad's worked away from home much of the time, Friday afternoon was the highlight of the week, in most cases it was the direct opposite to Sunday night when he would leave, and then there was the in-between part of the week, when we just got by as our family and every other family like us, limped along, "We'll deal with this, when your father gets home." or " No, not tonight we'll see about that on the weekend, when your father's home."

Lives put on hold, things delayed, postponed,, or opportunities missed. "Be patient young man, he will be home soon."