FTLComm - Tisdale - December 23, 1999

Bob and Carol Abbott's house is ladden with lights this year and is seen in the picture above. They have used a combination of large bulb, icicle and tree lighting to make their house stand out on their block.

The Homstol house on the right was beautiful last year and this year seems even more magical. The blue hew to this picture is the result of the bright moonlight that washed the scene when I photographed it and these others after 10:30 Wednesday night. This home is extremely attractive and has appeared in Ensign many times with pictures of shrubs, its intimate back yard and moulded lawn.

Many folks enhance the decorations they apply to the outside of their homes with items they place in the windows. This house has a neat set of displays in the den windows which almost make you ignore the snow. Though the snow is not deep in Tisdale the wind blew it into some nasty drifts and in this case you can see how it had covered the front sidewalk and drive way and it was necessary to move that snow just to get in and out of the house. The snow piles adds considerably to the feeling of Christmas in these pictures.

The snow on the front step of Murray and Mary-Ann
Vey's house adds a special
charm to this scene and the dramatic appearance of this house.

The impact of those icicle lights is amazing because they truly give off a huge amount of light for such little lights. Combined with the blue and red lights the Vey house is really outstanding.

The affects of the moon light are really apparent in the picture below but also this picture really shows some clever lighting. This family had decided to go with their strength and have repeated a simple arch theme with the lights on the house, those in the windows and the simple traily set over the garage door. The colour of the lights and the house work together to produce a really powerful image with really only a few lights and the cantalabras inside the windows.

This image shows a house we had featured in an earlier article and the third house on this page. The picture was interesting because of the blue tone from the bright moon shining through the clouds to produce this tone which if it were a painting we might call a "wash".

The bright light is a street light but you can also make out the snowy street and the massed lighting of the house in the foreground.

A Christmas Tree is still a powerful image and evokes an emotional response from me. The picture below has a great Christmas tree in their front yard that can be seen from a block away.

This house of a retired couple is interesting but so is the carefully pile snow in a row on the front lawn. I suspect this house has had some water line problems in the past otherwise I can not come up with an explanation for the care that has been given to make this snow pile in a row on the front lawn.

The picture below is of a very small house with a very big tree in the front yard. This yard is at the end of a street and is like a beacon as its brightly lit tree stands out for all to see across the football field.

The house is home to a newly married couple who's lighting is like their pleasant and friendly nature. Their friends gather round and share in their enthusiasm for life and this little home and its cheery lights tell of their hopes, their good fortunes to come and the firm friendships that shepherd them along in their young lives.

Every neighbourhood in this town looks much like this and within any block one could see houses decorated like these as people share their happiness of the season and their hope for the new year to come.