Christmas Lights in Tisdale

December 17, 1997
Does anyone remember when this all began? Decorating inside our houses at Christmas seems to go back in Northern European culture to pre-Christian days but the use of lights to share with one's neighbours the joy of Christmas seems to have begun in the mid fifties. As the years of progressed so has the extent of the displays. Here in Tisdale there appears to be a well developed tradition of not only putting up Christmas lightingbut also putting up lawn displays and many people have their back yards lit as well. Last night Andrew and I drove around Tisdale and using our Epson PhotoPC 500 we recorded some of the many homes and yards to share with you. The one on the right is only a block from us and is a corner lot with the house, their trees and lights in plastic milk jugs on the ground all making this great display of colour.
Above we got caught with the delay of the electronic system in the camera and recorded this neat set of blurred traces. The house we were taking is seen on the left. This house is a light festival with the house, driveway and yard lit with lights of several types but the main lawn is a marvellous display with Santa and his reindeer seen on below left and Ms. Claus below. Our images can only capture some of the many details in this yard but it is the ultimate display in town and I hope you enjoy taking a look. If you have any comments or questions be sure to send me email.

These pictures were taken December 17, 1997 and we thought you might like to see what it was like last year, we will publish this year's displays closer to Christmas when everyone has their lights on.