FTLComm - Crystal Springs - December 16, 1998  
Located South of Crystal Springs and perhaps just over a mile North of the intersection with the Melfort to Saskatoon highway this log house, now crumbling and saging into the prairie around it must have seen its share of Christmas celebrations. It would have heard the joy of children and been filled with the aroma of hot food and sheltered its inhabitants from howling winds and blinding snow. But it is likely that Christmas here was celebrated in January of each year, because less then a quart mile South of it sits the magnificent, and un-named domed church seen on the right and with is amazing spires below. Now only a single farm yard is in the vacinity of what must once have been a community, for such a church to have been created. It is so easy to forget, driving around Saskatchewan, that for much of this province, at one time there was a family living on each quart section of land.