Confirmation '98, Let the Spirit Soar

One Thousand three hundred Roman Catholic members of Melfort, St. Brieux, Tisdale, Porcupine Plain, Hudson Bay, Mistatim, Carrot River, Arborfield, Zenon Park, Nipawin, and Choiceland shared in the confirmation of 130 young people Sunday May 24 in the Tisdale RecPlex.

Prince Albert Bishop Morand presided over the event explaining the three year exploration of the trinity initiated by the Vatican last year and this year focusing on the Spirit.

The event was blended into a concert of experience and spiritual renewal by the outstanding contribution made by the forty person combined choir with soloist, keyboard, violins, guitar and trumbone accompaniment. Spaning over three hours the celebration not only brought the communities together but it also focused on the right of passage of their youth.
The level of organisation was extra-ordinary with over twenty ushers, three clergy and the Bishop working together to make this event seem effortless. From arrival to registration, to photographs and the ceramony both group and individual, a fluid and harmonious spirit prevailed.

On the left is a picture of the registration desk while below is a picture showing the expanse of the congregation and the choir, who's music filled the room from 2:30 until 6:00.

Below are two QuickTime VR images which can be toured by moving your mouse to direct your attention around the scenes.

The first of these is of the Tisdale contingent:

Nicholas Brown, Kelley Classen, Rosemarie Gress, Gabriel Hennings, Krista Homstol, Brant Kirstein, Amanda Klimm, Wade Lebel, Angela Moser,
Ambre Palmer, Murray Palmer, Cory Penner,
Adrienne Roy, Ian Turcotte, Adrienne Wallington,
Jennifer Wallington and Nathan Wisser.

If these images are not showing up on your screen read about QuickTime 3.0 in the related article. The image below depicts the scene during the introduction of each Confirmant to the Bishop and the Church.

From Melfort the Young people were:
Timothy Hoenmans
Carly Moneta
Curtis Parifitt
Selena Redgwell
Tara Scott
Jonathan Selnes
Ryan Keller
Matthew Tourigny
Rene Valois
Laurae Woods
Tara Wegman

From St. Brieux:
Lynette Briens
Renee Fagnou
Edward Lemieux
Renee Assie
Candace Laczko
Blaine Masse
Crystal Harmon
Matthew Bortis
Jesse Gallays
Alain Boyer
Jennifer Bakos
Christinanne Godart
Lise Bourgault
Kevin Wojcichowsky
April Peyton
Simon Kernaleguen

From Zenon Park:
Michel Chabot
Daniel Dion
Alina Favreau
Stephanie Fawcett
Rose-Marie Ferre
Benoit Lalande
Perry Lebel
Guy Leblanc
Richard Leblanc
Alina Perrault
Andre Perrault
Jocelyne Perrault
Nathalie Perrault
Mario Poulin
Danica Riou

From Arborfield:
Ryan Bernesky
Natalie Carpentier
Bryn LeGrand
Derek Moyen
Tyler Moyen
Wesley Mutimer
Wade Mutimer
Anthony Rodier
Louis Rodier
Justin Soucy

From Carrot River:
scott Caouette
Jamie Caouette
Andrea Colburn
Scott Wasko
Brandi Wood
Jill Zary
Jolean Brochu
Roseanne Tkachuk
Jade Fornwald
Renee Lonson
Julie Pochipinski

From Choiceland:
Kyle Rothwell
Colin Gill
Kristen Lawrence
Lane Scarf
Bryan Scott
allison Thibault
Nathan Gauthier
Catherine Blackburn

From Nipawin:
Nicolette Aden
Crystal Bodenheimer
Jarrell Brothwell
Garrett Francais
Justin Hobbins
Jason Hosler
Rachel Hoppe
James Lacey
Tyler Lokken
Marc Masse
Daniel Millette
Derric Morin
Leanne Scheidl
David Schultz
Janessa Temple
Jesse Watson

From Porcupine Plain:
Stacey Grisdale
Ryan Grona
Corey Ryhorski
Ryan Kwiatkowski
Travis Shirley
Andrea Ziola
Pamela Gagnon
Tammy Gendron

From Mistatim:
Crystal Cross
Tyrell Nagy

From Hudson Bay:
Jeremy Goetz
Chantale Zimmer
Cortney Dawyduk
Jody Keyowski
Paige Walsh
Darcy Baker
Whitney Block
Fay Bedesky
Jamin Hrebeniuk
Nathan Lungull
Jonathan King
Adam Dombowsky
Shawn Richardson
Brendan Gryba
Shaunna Freistadt
Jocelyn Schultz
Rena Graham
Jana Zens
Brendan Suwinski
Brent Suwinski
Jason Kocay
Jennifer Kocay