St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Garage Sale - Saturday

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 1, 2001

Church sales far surpass individual or several family garage sales simply because people select things they have that we contribute to the sale and the results can be really interesting.

This morning a group of men with a pickup were moving tables from the Church basement to a garage across from the Lion's park where a group of folks were pricing the goods and setting them out in preparation for the sale tomorrow.

From these pictures you can see there will be a wide variety of goods but there will also be Pie, and coffee. Just so you don't miss that I did say "PIE".

There will be clothing, furniture and collectibles

This item caught my eye, an 8-track stereo with a set of tapes, the tapes are priced at 50¢. This unusual piece of equipment was the invention of Bill Lear, the man who developed the Lear business Jet aircraft and for a while in the 70s no self respecting car owner did not have an 8-track in their vehicle. Now they are almost extinct and here is a complete system including speakers. Kool!