Charles McKenzie and Carole Beal McKenzie of St. Pauls


Charles McKenzie and Carole Beal McKenzie of St. Pauls

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, September 11, 2003

Carole Beal McKenzie and Charles McKenzie are sharing the role as ministers of St. Paul's United Church here in Tisdale and in Star City. Carole was ordained two years ago and has served at Cut Knife since then while Charles just finished his degree at St. Andrews college this year.

This husband and wife team have been involved in human care and development all their adult lives as both are former teachers. Carole grew up in Quebec but has been living in Saskatoon for a quart of a century, while Charles grew up on the pairies. The couple share an interest in art and the pursuit of understanding.

With two daughters they are well into enjoying the ascention to grandparenthood with their first grandson now a full half year old.

Sharing a role of looking after a congregation requires planning and time management, so each day, one of the two, is at work here in Tisdale while on Sunday they share in celebrating the worship service in both towns.

They moved to Star City at the end of May and took some time in June to enjoy a bit of summer holiday before launching their work in July. By now, they have achieved the feeling of being "settled in" and can concentrate

on the work load in this charge.

For some years Ken and Mrs. Ansty served the United Church congregation in Nipawin and when they reached that point where they needed a rest, they took a year off before resuming their work in , Manitoba. Ken explained to me that the work of minister in a community like our own is extremely stressful. The role involves supporting families as their members grow older and depart and so often growing older is not an option. Ken said that this one aspect of the role of minister is perhaps the most difficult as the feelings of sadness and lose, build up like a never ending mountain, one life after another.

Indeed we place great responsibility upon the clergy in our community and are grateful that Carole and Charles have made it their choice to be a part of the Tisdale and Star City United Church community.

St. Paul's telephone number is 306 873 2424 and the fax is 306 873 5341

Timothy W. Shire



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