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The municipality had to quickly get their grader back into its snow removal mode. Most local governments did not react to the snow and order a clean up as they believed the weatherman's warmer temperature predictions would take care of things but Tuesday's high in Tisdale was around +4 and that only occurred later in the day. When it was realised that low temperatures and more moisture could arrive in the days to come the snow remove equipment was ordered into action. Most of Tisdale’s streets were left covered with snow now turned to slush and ice. This street on the East side of town was one that was cleaned off and as you can see dried up nicely during the day but for most of the town even walking was difficult. This image has an interesting contrast. Earlier this year we showed you some pictures of trees that changed colour much earlier then expected, here we have the contrast of a lot of trees that decided to hold onto those green leaves as long as possible.
If you are a regular reader of Ensign you will recall a "Tim's Tips" a week ago which related Phillip Lindenbach's comments about the way this year is going and how he remembered a similar year in 1930 when it snowed October 17 and froze up. They were able to go skating on the ponds but as the year wore on the temperatures rose so much so that the snow disappeared and Phillip remembers his brother falling through the weakened ice in December.