---Wet Winds

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 30, 1999
This composite picture was taken Tuesday afternoon with what appeared to be towering cumulus clouds on all quadrants yet we did not receive any precipitation at the time. The the persistence of low summer temperatures and rainfall almost every day the growing conditions are less then favourable for some plants. However there are life forms that enjoy this kind of environment and fungus is one of those.

I discovered that the shaded area of our back lawn is now covered with moses much as one might find along the B.C.coastal area. Some people have reported that the ferns in their yards almost seem out of control this year as this is the sort of climatic conditions that encourage their development.

We are heading over to Winnipeg this afternoon and hope to get a look at he situation within the heavy rain and uncropped area of Southeastern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba. So we should have some pictures from there in tomorrow's edition of Ensign.