See The Morning Light

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, June 10, 2001
Exactly 0500 this morning and the gentle and definitely polite little shower of the evening had passed on its way leaving everything sparkling and a very fresh humid aroma to the morning air.

The early morning sky was filled with the low cumulus and above that the remnants of the towering cumulus that produced the rain showers. Then well above that layers of stratus. This is damp warm Pacific air, exactly what the fields, pastures, gardens and forest of Saskatchewan needs.

Thursday afternoon, Tisdale Alfalfa began cooking up its first batches of pellets as their field equipment is working just West of Crooked River harvesting the first cut of this year's alfalfa. Most farmers are finished or nearly finished spraying for weeds and the 2001 crop soaks up the almost daily showers this past week. With the increase in temperature we had yesterday and today we are looking at ideal growing conditions.

Its just ridiculous that with the crop doing well the government continues to pinch the medical system in the province. This strike which does not directly affect us here in Tisdale does affect more than half the province and what is so galling is that CUPE and SAHO have reached a wage agreement, SAHO is simply unwilling to move a fraction on over time and the major issue mentioned in Ensign yesterday, Pension. We really need to have happy hard working health workers and this bludgeoning that Louise Simard and SAHO are carry on of the workers is unseemly and counterproductive to the people of the province.

But while that issue flounders the sky remains our constant source of joy. Below is a QuickTime VR panorama of the Eastern 0500 morning sky.
This is the Southwestern sky at 0500 as we look through the trees at the clouds that by the time everyone gets up this morning will have vanished leaving clear sky behind them.