Wind Weather

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 29, 2001
With the seeding operation in progress around Tisdale the elements of weather become the only topic of concern. Anhydroux Amonia trucks clog the highway bringing in supplies of the stuff for the suppliers while the supplier trucks are running steady out to the farms where banding is the order of the day. In the immediate Tisdale area with its light soil the planting process is moving right along but out in the Weekes area with its peat fields seeding is not expected to begin until tomorrow.

In the sky above Saturday we were treated to a variety of cloud as the one above shows light vertical development in the early afternoon but below, early evening, the cumulous clouds have thickened and virga hangs from the sky in viels. Little if any moisture was to come from these formation and it seems like that is the case this morning as well as the sky is very dark with virga on all quadrants but only a few specks of rain have made their way to put a dust spot on a window or two as the strong South wind swirls drifting top soil into the air.