iBook Is Number 1 Selling Laptop

FTLComm - Saskatoon
December 22, 1999

With 28% of laptop sales Apple's preculiar little iBook is now the leading seller world wide.

This is quite a radical departure from other small portable computers which tend to be black brick like devices that weigh and are treated like they are important instruments of high finance. Apple decided to make this new portable very light, very thin and keep its functions down to the simple. The "i" part of its name represents "Internet" and the iBook like the "iMac" is ideally suited for use as a research and communications tool with its built in 56K modem and six hours of operating electrical power.

This model was photographed at the University of Saskatchewan's book store and just above the blue translucent MacAlley ball is a round object with Apple's logo on it. That is the little caddy that looks after the electrical connection and stores the cord when not in use.

The iBook has an Ethernet connection, a built in CD, the modem and that is about it. It does not support external video, it does have a USB port to connect up a printer or some other periphery but the theme here is "simple". The clam shell case is made from a bullet proof plastic and there is no need for a carrying case as its handle is at the hinge. The only true extra is that the iBook comes with an "Airport" connection.

Apple has developed an interesting means of connecting one computer to another, without wires. In a school or business setting up to ten iMacs or iBooks can be connected without wires to am "Airport" hub to use peripheries and share files. Two iBooks can do this without the hub up to over one hundred feet. The "Airport" technology is just out and many reviewers are less then enthusiastic about it but it does herald a promise of things to come and there is no doubt about the iBook as being the future of modern computer development.