A Big TV

FTLComm - Winnipeg
July 5, 1999

This picture of the back of the new display installed at Bomber stadium in Winnipeg does not really do justice to this monster.

Television manufacturers like JVC and Sony have been working on really large outdoor displays for some time and the problems they have faced have been enormous. To be really effective a display like this one must work in direct sunlight which means that projection screens though they can be used at night during the daylight hours are useless. That's why this one is unique and the first one of its kind to be put up in North America.

This one uses light emitting diodes (LED) to create the image and the results are impressive. This one can tell the story in all sorts of lighting conditions and will be in service when the Bombers play their first home game this year.

Sony's technicians are very worried about this one because they have never had the opportunity to test its

operation in temperatures below -10 which is a very warm day for Winnipeg. To check this problem out, Sony has loaded up a screen and flown it to the Antarctic where they are currently doing some tests.

One other interesting controversy is brewing over this display. Panasonic is the official electronics vendor for the Pan-American Games this summer and Bomber stadium is an important part of the games. But when the fans look up to see the instant replay the name "Sony" will be seen on this giant display. Panasonic folks are not amused.