FTLComm - Tisdale - May 8, 2000
Each year Beeland Co-op assembles a field of steel grain bins and each year they are sold and delivered to farms. Last year's inventory went quickly with no carry over. The parts arrived in the assembly yard almost a month ago and today the crew arrived to begin putting this year's crop of bins together.

The crew just finished assembling Nipawin Co-op's steel bins for this year. This first day it takes some time to get things organised and the assembly processed laid out but once the three man crew have all the parts in order they will erect about three bins a day. More than thirty bins are laying in these parts that you can see below.

With extensive seeding of wheat this year in the Tisdale area it is expected that as in the past two years there will be a lot of grain needing storage at harvest time. As you drive through the country there are still many large canvas covered cones of wheat stacked up in fields and farm yards. Each day this past week wheat prices have been gradually edging their way upward as it appears as though there is a growing demand for spring wheat, reversing the trend of the past few years.

With the expansion of storage in the form of condos in the various terminal elevators one would wonder at the demand for steel bins but apparently the prospects for this year's crop are good and full condos. all available bins and a few field cones will still be around this coming fall.