Bin There

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 2, 2001

Its as certain as the appearance of the first mosquito that with spring come the assembly of grain bins by Beeland Co-op. This year is no exception with the carry over of only two from last season a whole new set are being put together on the assembly field.

This first set are going onto wood platforms and as you can see the tops have been put together and the walls are rising.

The closure of so many rural delivery points has actually seen the decline in storage available in grain country and even though

farmers continue to increase their on-farm storage each year we are seeing more and more grain piled on the ground. By this time of the year one would expect most of these to have been cleaned up and the grain shipped but driving through the countryside you will see huge mounds of grain from last fall's harvest.

The value of the grain of course contributes to the casual storage but the abundance of production is also an important factor. This year with a decided shift away from Canola toward wheat and barley the crop size, even with average growing conditions will be huge.