Beeland Co-op's Employee of The Month:
Laurine Anderson

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 29, 2000

Laurine Anderson was selected by the Beeland Coop Management committee as the January Employee of the month for January. Below is the citation by Manager Larry Parks recognising her contribution to the operation of the business.

Laurine has been employed at Beeland Co-op since 1992 as confidential secretary.

Her job involves looking after the payroll records, board meeting minutes and equity information. She also spends much of her time in the accoutnting area which includes record keeping for both Tisdale and Archerwill Co-op, whom we do accounting for. Laurine is also the Beeland Newsletter editor.

December and January, are extremely busy months in the office, with Archerwill's year end, and Beeland's budget and year end.

We made it through this busy time in great shape thanks to all of our staff's hard work and dedication.

Thanks Laurine - keep up the good work.