Sonia Skjerpen

Beeland Co-op's Employee of the Month

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 8, 2000
When Beeland Co-op openned its pharmacy in 1996 Sonia became the store's licensed Pharmacist in December and manager of the Pharmacy Department. Then in July of 1999 she left the day to day work at the Co-op and devoted herself to a new career as mother of a baby boy. In February with the help of her mother who come over to lend a hand as babysitter, she is able to returned to work as a pharmacist part time.

Sonia grew in the Tisdale area and is well known and respected by everyone. Beeland Co-op appreciates her pleasant and professional manner and her customers are glad to see her back behind the dispensing counter.

Sonia is the March Employee of the Month for Beeland Co-op.

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