Bye-Election - Political Hypocracy

Regina - July 19, 1999 - By: Stu Innes


not field a candidate in each of the bye-election area

All concerned Saskatchewan voters and taxpayers recently heard the various political rhetoric about the so called "waste" associated with the bye-elections. Of course the opposition parties claimed the NDP should find a way to avoid the waste and so on. Well correct me if I am wrong but I feel betrayed by each and every hypocrite in each and every political party who failed to stand up and challenge the other parties to become the first to do the responsible thing. ..and that would be to not field a candidate in each of the bye-election areas.

no election was necessary

Imagine if you will, the NDP challenging the Saskatchewan party to join them in leaving one of the electoral districts for the Liberals or imagine the Sask party calling on the Green Alliance and the Liberals to withdraw their candidates so that no election was necessary!

"real vote" in the "real election"

Had any party had the wisdom, foresight and wherewithall to instigate a measure which would ultimately have opened the door for a saving of $300 thousand tax dollars they would certainly have gotten the "real vote" in the "real election" which will eventually come.

The NDP already have a huge majority

And who really should have been the leaders in this endeavor? The NDP already have a huge majority and could have easily withdrawn from all three areas. But then some faithful party member would have no job! and the parties wouldn't have been able to test the political waters! da dat da da!

we as voters are still looking

Regrettably we as voters are still looking for a party with imagination, expertise and the public interest at heart.
  Stu Innes
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