FTLComm - Tisdale
June 12, 1999

In June of 1990 I was passing through this area and was overwhelmed with the beauty of this Canola crop on the right in contrast with the nearby flax crop. These fields are located just about three miles South of Tisdale and this one was in alfalfa last year and was plowed under after the frost.

This year, though crops are looking good in the Tisdale area they are not as advanced as these were at that time.

Growing conditions like temperature and moisture are far from the control of the farmer and make the agricultural industry one of the most precarious on the
planet. Throughout the world governments recognise the vital nature of agriculture and make special provisions to give the agricultural sector the most favourable economic situation. This is not the case in North Ameria. Americans and Canadians have come to take for granted that farmers are efficient and will always produce food in quanitites that will always outstrip demand and therefore be cheap. The Canadian and American economies are based upon the concept of cheap food. This is a very different approach then what takes place in Europe where the agricultural sector commands a subsidised and protected place in the economy simply because it guarantees societal stability and since food reserves tend always to be kept low the society as a whole depends on the success of agriculture.
This image of flax in flower is so interesting because of the contrast with the canola crop growing nearby. Flax from a distance appears to be blue because the light coloured flowers and the green follage combine to create the appearance. The picture below of the blossoms close up shows a much different view of the same scene.

One wonders if Ottawa and Regina politicians got a little closer to the blossoms if it would help them to understand that without economic stability in the farm economy the country and all of its endeavours are in danger.