September 11,2001

I sat and stared,
At the destruction on the screen,
The waste of life,
The loss of families and dreams,

I couldn't move,
I couldn't run and hide the truth,
I sat and stared,
I sat and stared and thought of you,

I thought of you and me and everyone on this great planet earth,
I know we all could be the other one the moment of our birth,
Instead we go on hating, killing, when instead we need to care,
And if we did,
I wouldn't have to sit and stare,

I felt the pain,
In all the faces that I saw,
Time and again,
Full of emptiness and shock,

My heart went out,
In hopes that some way I could share,
The peace I had,
Before I had to sit and stare,

This world is small,
This little world is all we know,
And why we fight,
Is something I will never know,

There's love for all,
And all we have to do is share,
And if we did,
I wouldn't have to sit and stare.

Kevin Rowley,
Sept 11/2001