Striking professional health workers at Melfort yesterday

Is this bad?

Saskatoon - Saturday, September 28, 2002 - Author's name withheld


With about two thousand professional workers off the job in hospitals and the specialists who serve as paramedics Saskatchewan's medical health care system is in a shambles. A week ago Thursday foreseeing this coming strike the editor of this web site wrote about the deliberate disruption of medical care service by disorganising it so that it is non-function.

Early this past week we received this account of a visit to a specialist in a medical facility in Saskatoon.



We're in to see Dr. -------------- for the official pat on the head to get the paperwork done: the appointment is at three and at 3:15 we meet up in the waiting room. She says


"We can just this exam room, its the closest".
  She opens the door, stops and says


"Oh, you're still - are you ok?"


As she steps into the room I back away. Soon she blasts out to the receptionist's desk which is only across the hallway and calls a Code Blue.


  Things started happening real fast.
  This is 3:15 - they close up shop at four. From what we heard, the woman in there was an amputee diabetic, had an appointment in the morning and after Dr. ------------- attended to her was left in the care of a student. Last known contact? 10:30 AM.
  Diabetic. No dinner. T-Shirt, sweat pants, cold room. She was non responsive and taken out of there with oxygen and tubes running from everywhere.
  There was one other person in the waiting room and they went to a different section than us. Had the doctor chosen a different room, the cleaning crew would have a rather unpleasant surprise. As it was she was damn near dead.
  She waS as outpatient and clearly unable to live on her own. Yet no one accompanied her, no one missed her not coming home. She had no advocate at all.
  When I talked to my regular doctor about the incident he said one would be amazed at how often this happens in an ER. However this wasn't an ER.....


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