Saskatchewan Healthcare:

Breaking the Law & Mismanagement

By Mario deSantis, January 21, 2000

  Our politicians and bureaucrats leverage their position of powers by shifting the blame for a
25% of the provincial budget for health care, in 1993 crumbling health care system to the extent of breaking the law(1) and have the legal community
supporting this state of affairs. Consultants, politicians, administrators, academicians, board
members, they are all spreading the word that health care is underfunded in Saskatchewan. In
early 90s we were spending about 25% of the provincial budget for health care, in 1993 health
  care spending increased to 33% of the budget, and now this percentage has increased to 40%.
  Where is the underfunding for healthcare in Saskatchewan? It is in the big brains(2) of our
present mess in health care should be attributed to the ongoing mismanagement leaders! Dr. Stan Oleksinski, president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association, has rightly
stated that the present mess in health care should be attributed to the ongoing mismanagement
of health resources(3). Our demented big brains have a "black and white" mentality and cannot
see the many management alternatives we could be creating if only we would empower our
work force(4). Instead, we have a management style based on fear and intimidation and that is
  why the working conditions are atrocious in health care(5).
  Health care has been mismanaged for many years beginning with the building of the
Plains Health Centre has been a bomb shell since it was built Plains Health Centre(6) in Regina. This centre had to replace the Regina Hospital, instead
Regina ended up with three hospitals, and an oversupply of beds. To make things worse,
the Plains Health Centre has been a bomb shell since it was built in accordance to the
specifications of Saskatchewan Health which included the use of asbestos! At this time,
we don't know how many health care workers have contracted cancer because of working for
  so many years at the Plains Health Centre.
  We had an overrun of $50 million for the closure of the Plains Health Centre(7), we could have
Is healthcare underfunded
or it is mismanaged?
already spent $40 million for the so called Saskatchewan Health Information Network-SHIN(8),
we spent at least 1.5 million for a Telehealth(9) system which was supposed to be operational
some years ago and which is not operational at this time, we spent $3.5 million for healthcare
payroll(10), we may have spent some $100 million to cope with the Y2K Healthcare
Nightmare(11)(12), and so forth. Is healthcare underfunded or it is mismanaged? I tell you
that it is mismanaged. And this is because we have a corrupted leadership with a "black and white"
  museum mentality(13).
  After breaking the law for projecting an operational deficit of $9 million(14), the Saskatoon
two outlaws settling democratically their differences by negotiations District Health (SDH) is submitting an ultimatum to the Government stating that it will cut
services unless it receives cash injections(15). So what's new, the SDH breaks the law, the
government issues "unconstitutional" legislation(16), so we are going to have two outlaws
settling democratically their differences by negotiations and fooling the public. Individual
citizens must comply with the Rule of Law, on the other hand the government, health districts
and the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations can break the law. This is democracy
in Saskatchewan healthcare, and the result is mismanagement, corruption, and a huge cover up
of lies over lies. It is time that such mountain of lies over lies crumbles, therefore, I urge
  everybody to work for this end, and for the benefit of us all.


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