The Synchrotron and our children:

Trading life for science

By Mario deSantis, February 2, 2000

  Our politicians, researchers and academicians had no clue on what to do with the Synchrotron
  when it landed in Saskatoon(1). They were just happy that taxpayer money in the order of $175
  million dollars found its way in the Saskatoon economy. Now, an intensive campaign is being
  developed by the University of Saskatchewan to have scientific luminaries come to Saskatoon
  and talk about the commercial potentials for the use of the Synchrotron. The latest guest has
  been Gordon Brown, chair of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory in California(2).
  Brown explained how the Synchrotron can be used to identify industrial contaminants such
  as arsenic so that our mining companies can set up better antipollution processes and live up
  eventually with more stringent environmental regulations. In addition, Brown stated that the
  use of the Synchrotron will revolutionize industries like agronomy, pharmaceuticals,
  metallurgy, bio-genetics and atmospheric chemistry. So, as we praise the $175 million
  Synchrotron for its potential to reduce the pollution created by our businesses, we don't
  make any effort, today, to clean up our own polluted environment.
  This morning, I watched the news on TV and I came to know of the release of a report on
  the status of our children. This report includes information that in Saskatchewan one out
  of  four children live in poverty and that some of our school systems still use the strap as
  a means of discipline. It is becoming clearer that our political, academic and business leaders
  are taking us to a bleak future, a future on behalf of the few and privileged(3) where the
  lives of our children are traded for science.


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