Farewell to our Provincial Auditor: Wayne Strelioff

Nipawin - March 16, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis
A good man is leaving the province. Wayne Strelioff, our Provincial Auditor, is leaving Saskatchewan effective April 19, 2000 to become the Provincial Auditor for the province of British Columbia. I have appreciated the reading of his ongoing reports. I learned a lot from them, how to be accountable, how to work on behalf of all citizens, how to provide a sense of leadership which nurtures leadership.

I first approached Wayne Strelioff in the Spring of 1995, when tired of the abuses I was receiving from the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations, I wanted to know more about the independence of the health districts and the opportunity to market accounting and payroll computerized services.

No doubt that our Provincial Auditor has had a very tough time dealing with his responsibilities to correct the administrative and legal processes of this government. His reports are a testimonial of his great work, and I think that these reports should not be shelved in professional libraries but
should be used as a source of ongoing reference for all of our young business students, so that real life public business experiences can be taught and learnt at the same time.

These reports are about accounting, about serving the people, about any public service, about management, about how to comply with the law, it is about leadership and accountability, it is about citizenship. Thank you for having had the opportunity to know you, and we wish you well in your new job and life.