Dr. Cassidy's study: another fraud and no one has run with the money!

Nipawin - July 8, 2000 - by:Mario deSantis (Image above shows Campus of the University of Saskatchewan in the dark)

phony researches

Today, we find that corruption is not limited in the health care industry, it is widespread and it has
contaminated our universities. This widespread corruption is the consequential result of the
managerial mind set of our leaders which can be described as "do what you are told or else." You,
reader, can say that we have been discussing Dr. David Cassidy's study at length and that it is
enough to go on to another topic. No, we have not discussed at length Dr. Cassidy's study on the
merits of no-fault insurance; we still have no-fault victims in pain, we still have no-fault insurance,
we still have a lawsuit against Dr. Cassidy and the University of Saskatchewan and we cannot
continue to undertake further phony researches which cost millions and millions of taxpayers'
dollars. And, I forgot to say that we are talking now about the integrity and reputation of the
University of Saskatchewan, we are talking about the education and integral upbringing of our
children, we are talking about the future of this province.

Dr. Cassidy's study must be challenged

No, Dr. Cassidy's study must be challenged, academically, administratively, socially, and
politically, until changes can be made to our social system and democracy returned to function.
We have academics who have stated that Dr. Cassidy's study has no statistical relevance(1)(2), yet
Dr. Barry McLennan, assistant dean of research at the University of Saskatchewan, is defending
this study in the name of Dr. Cassidy as well in the name of the University of Saskatchewan(3).

Dr. McLennan has absolutely no common sense

Dr. McLennan claims that we need further researches to challenge Dr. Cassidy's study and that
the public should not get involved. This Dr. McLennan has lost his marbles, here we spend some
$1.5 million dollars of taxpayers' money in this study, and he doesn't want the public to be
involved, that is he wants more millions of dollars spent in useless researches. Dr. McLennan has
absolutely no common sense.

deserve to be called stupid

I first stated that this study was biased some months ago(4), and recently, Tim Shire has been
more outspoken of everybody else and has stated that "Cassidy, his research team, the
University and the New England medical journal deserve to be called stupid... When SGI
closed the file Cassidy claimed the victim cured(5)."


My son James, an MBA student at the University of North Dakota, some weeks ago asked me
how one statistical study can cost one million dollar. James said "you just enter all the
information into a statistical package, for example SPSS, and you get most of the work done."
But this is not the approach Dr. Cassidy took in his research. He didn't have the information, he
needed to , and whenever Dr. Emma Bartfay was told to manufacture
this information she left Dr. Cassidy's team in disgust and sued Dr. Cassidy and the university.
So, $1.5 million dollars have been spent to manufacture information for the specific purpose to
fake the advantages of SGI's no-fault insurance over the previous tort system.

the continuous downgrading

This research is a fraud and Dr. McLennan is defending it, and since he is full of it he blames
the original director of the study, Dr. Ken Yong-Hing, of poor leadership. I wonder what kind
of leadership is reflected by the poor retention of our medical graduates, the recent leaving of our
pediatricians and pathologists from Saskatchewan, and the continuous downgrading of the quality
of the University of Saskatchewan, and just now, I hear on CBC radio that a former colleague of
Dr. Cassidy, Rein Lepnurm has stated that SGI's adjusters were closing claim files when too
many were piling up on their desks(6).

is as usual

To paraphrase honourable Pat Atkinson, Minister of Health, business is as usual and "Nothing
has been hidden, There's no smoking gun, No one has run with the money(7)." Yes, we are in a
world of utter political confusion, we have frauds and no one has run with the money...
References & Endnotes:
We must break down Premier Roy Romanow's myth that the system is more worth than individual rights. The law and order mentality of our justice system for protecting the individual rights of Saskatchewan people can be summarized by Serge Kujawa's statement made back in 1991 "It doesn't matter if Milgaard is innocent... The whole judicial system is at issue-it's worth more than one person." Serge Kujawa is a former prosecutor and colleague of Premier Roy Romanow.
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