Premier Roy Romanow's Saskatchewan Way:
Lack of Constitutional Directions

Nipawin - August 16, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis


Timothy Shire has pointed out that the abandonment of the railways system has
contributed to higher transportation cost for grain, to the gradual degradation of
our rural highways, and as a consequence to the isolation of our rural communities(1).
Shire refers to this process of moving backward in economic and developmental
terms as devolution. I may add, that our government is especially efficient in this
new field of economic devolution; in fact, this government has been saving money
by externalizing the transportation cost to the farmers, and at the same it has been
covering its assets for any liability due to the disastrous up keep of our roads by the
implementation of no-fault insurance.

to gravel

Sinclair Harrison, president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities,
has praised no-fault insurance by stating that it has saved money for the municipalities,
and we hardly agree with him when we see the poor conditions of our highways.
Earlier this year, our government stated that it is planning the conversion of many
rural paved highways to gravel.

Nokomis appraisal

Today, this same government is telling the farmers to haul grain in the winter so that
the roads cannot be further deteriorated(2). In the meantime, the residents of Nokomis
will be complaining about the status of Highway 15 by sending to the highway
minister a collection of completed appraisal forms where most drivers state that
they will not travel the highway on their next visit to the area(3).

hazardous to your financial health

I read today that five billboards will go up at entrances to the province and major
cities(4). These billboards will include the message "The law and roads of our
province may be hazardous to your financial health and well-being." Well said,
it wraps up everything which is wrong with this governmental leadership: lack of
constitutional directions.


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