Running the Business at SaskTel

Nipawin - August 29, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

high speed Internet

Sometime ago my son Eric was mentioning to me that high speed Internet access will be available in Nipawin. Also, he suggested that I contact SaskTel to get any information about this new Internet service since I could benefit for a free installation of the related wiring.



telephone account

Few weeks ago I called SaskTel to inquire about the services I was receiving from them and I was told they could not provide me with this information since the telephone account was primarily on my wife's name. Today, my wife Sharon called SaskTel and after she authorized SaskTel to have both of our names as directly responsible for the telephone account I was able to talk to Vanessa, service representative with SaskTel.



anytime in Saskatchewan

Vanessa mentioned that my services included the bundle "anytime in Canada" and she stated that this service started on April 30, 2000 when I called SaskTel for this service. I replied that we never authorized this bundle, that instead we asked for the bundle "anytime in Saskatchewan" and as a matter of fact I mentioned that we could have made only few calls directed to other provinces since last April. Further, I stated that the monthly billing doesn't specify the bundle we are on and that as a consequence customers cannot check what they are paying for. Vanessa commented that once per year SaskTel provides the details of their billing to their customers. Anyhow, I stated that I would like to recover the money for the overcharging and Vanessa replied that she had to check with her manager and that she would have called me later in this regard.



SaskTel's overcharging

Well, Vanessa called me few minutes later and she mentioned that her manager allowed her to reimburse me for only one month of SaskTel's overcharging, and she justified this position saying that SaskTel must be consistent with all their customers. I understood there was no point to have an argument on the phone and I thanked Vanessa for her attention.



overcharge all of them

So, the morale of this story is that SaskTel must be consistent with all their customers, and if possible overcharge all of them. This is a ridiculous way to treat customers and this is not the end of the whole story either.




After talking to Vanessa I called Nor-Com, a partner of SaskTel in Nipawin, I enquired about the new high speed Internet service available in the Nipawin area, I was told that last Friday they called SaskTel and they received the news that there was a misprint in the flyer advertising the high speed Internet services for Nipawin and that there is no such a service for the near future.




Now, what we get from SaskTel is not customer service, it is overcharging, runarounds, and my son James just suggested a new name for SaskTel, that is SlackTel!