The Saskatchewan government is boosting the provincial economy:
after the hogs we have hamburger patties

Nipawin - August 31, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

CIC hands out $35,000,000

The Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) is made up of the family
of public corporations and it has recently extended their interests in assisting
the meat industry in an effort to diversify the agricultural sector. The single family owned
Big Sky Farms was given $15 million to establish new hog barns in the province and now
the single family owned Centennial Food Corporation has been given $20 million to build
a $34.4-million hamburger patty processing plant in Saskatoon.



grease the new economy

This government understands the economy of brick and mortar and wants to put more
meat to grease the new economy of the province. It was not enough for the city of
Saskatoon to experience a construction boom with the building of the $175-million
Synchrotron in the name of scientific research and at the expense of the education of
our children. Therefore, our Premier Romanow wants to reach a new first for his
Saskatchewan Way and wants to make his city of Saskatoon the biggest manufacturer


of hamburger patties.



not likely be high paying

Ron Kovits of Centennial Food Corporation has said
"This will be one of the largest hamburger patty manufacturing plants in Canada. And, as you might imagine, we'll use a tremendous amount of beef(1)."
CIC Minister John Nilson has stated that while he could not provide figures to
illustrate the economic impact of the investment he is certain that the company
is bringing construction and full time jobs to the province. And in response to
Nilson, Kent Smith-Windsor, executive director of the Saskatoon and District
Chamber of Commerce, has commented that the new jobs are not likely be high
paying, but he said that young people need to work and develop skills before
they move on to further education(2).



Romanow for his vision

We have to thank our Premier Romanow for his vision to have as many of our
children manufacture hamburger patties before moving on to further their education
and eventually enter the scientific world as represented by the biggest scientific
Canadian effort: the Synchrotron mausoleum. .
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