The Supreme Court of Canada:
Using Psychology to find the Truth

Nipawin - October 25, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

the mystery
of man's existence

We have been writing about how psychology has become the ubiquitous discipline of
scientific researches, economic policies, business and political maneuvering. We have
to thank Sigmund Freud for finally inventing the mystery of man's existence in the
supreme science of the mind. I mean, what is more supreme than the mind of people
on earth?



embracing with open arms

Saskatchewan and Canada have been making gigantic steps in the pursuing of the well
being of their people. We have forgotten the million year old essence of the sanctity of
the individual and we are now embracing with open arms the new science of psychology,
the science of manipulation of the mind of the individuals, the science where everything
is possible, the science which is the very real truth of our existence.



tears, per se, have become an admission of guilt

The Supreme Court of Canada has recently provided the legal framework for our political
and business leadership to have psychology as the primary driver of our social growth.
Again, I mean, what is more rewarding in life but the outgrowth of our minds? Therefore,
in one recent ruling, the Supreme Court judges, with Madame Justice Louise Arbour
dissenting(1), wrote: "Tears are to be expected when someone finally divulges that he
committed a crime(2)." Therefore, tears, per se, have become an admission of guilt, no
matter the denials of the accused. This ruling allows the police to use lies and threats to
extract confessions while the accused is under duress, and with no other evidence but the
tears and the extracted confession the accused is found guilty.




In commenting on the effects of this Supreme Injustice, Clayton Ruby has stated:
"Our values are revealed. They are these: Lie, cheat, mislead if you must. Ignore tears and repeated protestations of innocence. But get a confession from whomever you have in your hands. That's the message the Supreme Court has just sent to police forces across our land. We're playing with fire(3)."


And Greg Longphee has expressed his feelings in this way:
"If the Supreme Court of Canada chooses to uphold the Crown's use of the slippery slope that the END justifies the MEANS, we are all in a great deal of trouble(4)."



Truth will
set us free

And I am appalled as well; Machiavelli's teachings are now part of our supreme
jurisprudence. But we have hope, we have the common people, we still have the
common law, we still have common sense, and we have Justice John Reilly(5), Justice
Turpel-Lafond(6), Justice Louise Arbour and many others. And we still believe that the
Truth will set us free.
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