HSURC Commission:
Another Study, Another Dump

Nipawin - November 2, 2000

relevant research

Our incompetent reductionist health researchers are again telling us what is the truth with the
current hospitalization of psychiatric patients, and at the same time they want to have more
research money to either confirm or reject their previously found truths. One thing I want to
make clear before we laugh at this additional two year study by the Health Services Utilization
and Research Commission (HSURC), is that you cannot have a relevant research when the
health care system experiences a lack of acute beds, a lack of long term beds, a lack of
medical specialists, a lack of doctors, a lack of nurses, a lack of proper equipment, a lack of
health care workers in general, a lack of home care programs, a lack of administrative
accountability, a lack of everything else.



short hospital stays

So, within this health care gambling casino, our HSURC's researchers have concluded
another useless study stating that more than 80 per cent of the days patients spend in
hospital psychiatric wards are unnecessary(1). Laurie Thompson, who heads the big brains
at HSURC, has stated "the study showed that many mental health patients can be
effectively treated with short hospital stays followed up by community services."



follow-up study

Thompson says the findings are enough to prompt his organization of big brains to call for
new guidelines of how mental health patients are treated in Saskatchewan. And HSURC
chair Liz Harrison has added she "hopes to do a follow-up study to examine the reasons
for the unnecessary hospital stays."



these guidelines

To appreciate the rooted incompetence of these HSURC's researchers, Yorkton psychiatrist
Dr. Mirchand has stated that the definition of appropriate use of beds 'is OK if you are a
researcher, but not if you are on the front lines. Unless you order me not to admit, I'm
not going to follow any of these guidelines(2)."
  I wonder if this research commission reinforces its state of psychiatric organizational
dementia with the Carver's Policy Governance® model(3).
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