Today's most important problem:
Lack of democracy of our leaders in power, be native or not native.

Nipawin - November 18, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

a loan

Jornalist Andrew Coyne is outraged at the depth of corruption of our Prime Minister, and
his government(1). We know that there are some five RCMP investigations in regard to the
questionable job grants and loans to projects in the riding of Honourable Jean Chretien.
Now we know, after so many denials and so many years, that Jean Chretien personally
lobbied the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for giving a loan to help out
Yvon Duhaime, an acquaintance with a criminal record and a poor business past.




The money was to renovate a near-bankrupt hotel, the Grand-Mere Inn, which Duhaime
had purchased from Chrétien and his partners in 1993(2). And we also understand now
that when François Beaudoin, president of BDC, wanted to foreclose this loan because
of missed payments, he was forced to step out of his job(3).




This remind me of the no-fault insurance research in Saskatchewan, when Dr. Emma
Bartfay left her employer, the University of Saskatchewan, after she was told by her
supervisor Dr. David Cassidy to falsify her research data(4).



political or business repercussions

We cannot do a good job anymore because our political and bureaucratic bosses want to
serve themselves before they can serve the public. This is what is happening in our
bureaucratic Canada, we cannot provide an integral public service anymore, we have to
serve our bosses, and the boss of our bosses! And all the bosses of our bosses, make sure
that they have no political or business repercussions when they help themselves and their
friends, they use their power to muzzle any dissident, be by firing, be by any sort of
blackmailing, be by the laying out of a maze of business contractual relationships.



ethical standards

As we lower our civic and ethical standards so we lower our democracy, and so we lower
the justice system. And as a consequence, our own lawyers become not a component of
justice, but a component to maintain the lowered ethical standards of our society. Let us
hope that our judges have the freedom to apply what is left of common law, but then even the
majority of our supreme court judges have been discretionally appointed by Jean Chretien(5).



Chretien's ethical standards

And now I hear professor racist Tom Flanagan(6) saying that the current corruption in
aboriginal self government must become a national issue(7). And I say, what about the
complicity of our own governments(8)(9) and of some of our own professional auditing
firms in allowing the perpetuation of poverty and despair in our native communities while
their leaders mismanage and misappropriate communal funds? And I wonder what kind
of standard we are going to apply for rectifying the mismanagement and misappropriation
of funds which is occurring in our Native self governmental organizations. Are we going
to apply the religious educational standards which caused the physical and sexual abuses of
thousands and thousands of native children? Or maybe, we can apply Jean Chretien's ethical




These are difficult times for all of us, be native or not native, but the most important problem
is the lack of democracy of our leaders in power, again be native or not native.
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