Any Correlation between
Political Corruption and Walkerton's Tragedy?

Nipawin - December 21, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

how many friends

We have been writing about the lack of common ethics by our Prime Minister Jean Chretien(1),
an educated lawyer; and we wrote about our phony Premier Roy Romanow(2), an educated
constitutional lawyer, who allows his own government to break its own laws(3). Jean Chretien
has been in politics for thirty-seven years, and Roy Romanow has been in politics for
thirty-three years. You can only imagine how many friends they have been making in their
position of power for such a long time.




There are social indications, that in the last thirty years Canada has been living in its past glory,
and that is why our power hungry leadership and bureaucratic fabric has been eroding little by
little to reach now what seems to be the bottom line. I say the bottom line, because it appears that
Canada is rejoicing the present phenomenal economic growth which will provide budgeted
surpluses; and I say the bottom line, as I reflect to the Walkerton's E. coli outbreak which ended
in seven known deaths and another 2,300 known illnesses(4).




I said known deaths and known illnesses because we will never know how much damage has
been caused by the management of the Walkerton's Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Stan
Koebel, the manager at PUC, and his brother Frank Koebel, foreman at PUC, have both testified
that in the last two decades they have been mislabelling water samples, they have been fudging
critical safety records, and they have been drinking alcohol at work with their own employees(5).






This situation went on for twenty years, and you just tell me that this is just an isolated incident.
No, it was not an isolated incident, and it involved the concerted corruption of the provincial
inspectors at the Ontario Ministry of Environment as well; who knows, maybe these same
inspectors joined their pals, Frank and Stan, and they all got merry and drank together at the



statistical correlation study

Yes, I understand, people would tell me that really I can't mix apples and oranges, and for
instance, I am out to lunch when I try to correlate the Walkerton's E. coli outbreak to the
political corruption. Yes, I would agree with these people, but just to be sure, maybe, we
should commission a statistical correlation study. And for the right price, maybe, we can
even be able to engage the services of Dr. David Cassidy(6).
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