Nipawin - January 11, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


In this book Joe Jaworski describes his life's journey to the meaning of leadership and
eventually he finds it in the greater meaning of life when synchronicity takes hold of the
unfolding of his life.




For Jaworski, Synchronicity is the natural process of life of serving one another for a
higher purpose, and this is what leadership is, the natural happening of unrelated events
which bring little miracles, one at a time, to our lives.




I found this book touching and especially relevant today when we are surrendering to a
decadent leadership. What I found most interesting is Jaworski's reference to our
world, a world not composed of things but composed of relatedness. Synchronicity is
Maturana's Languaging(1), Senge's Learning Organization(2), Forrester's System
Dynamics(3), Douglas McGregor's Y-Theory(4), Greenleaf's Servant Leadership(5),
Bohm's Dialogue(6)...
  This book is a must read for all of us.


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Bohm Dialogue
  Review of book by Michael Pellecchia
  Fast Company magazine writer Alan Webber's article that deals with Jaworski and his book, this is an excellent article.
  Another smaller review of Jaworski's book by Christine Word.