Nipawin - January 13, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


I enjoyed Timothy's Shire article "Did you learn anything?[1]" This is a simple question
but it is at the root of our human nature, the need to learn. Learning is life itself, and as we go
through living we must continuously ask ourselves "am I learning as an individual?" and "are
we learning as a society?" Learning is our freedom, and if learning is taken away from us, then
we are not free.



permanently expelled

To day, we know that a 16 year old boy has been released from jail after he wrote and
presented a fictional story titled Twisted to his teacher and schoolmates [2]. This story was
about a bullied teen who planned to blow up his school for revenge. This boy has been
permanently expelled from his high school, has been released into his parents' custody on
$10,000 bail with a lengthy list of conditions, cannot use the Internet, cannot leave his home
unless accompanied by a parent, he must stay at least five kilometres away from his former
school. Is this boy going to learn anything soon? Is society going to learn anything from
the boy's determined social trapping? No, definitely no, both the boy and society are not
going to learn from the boy's social trapping, and this is not freedom.



corrupted behaviour

Alliance leader Stockwell Day has been abusing the public purse for his private bigotry [3],
and professor Tom Flanagan comes to his help saying that the confidentiality agreement of
his settlement with Goddard must be maintained for the sake of 'social civility' and because
of the principled stand against contractual retroactivity, breach of confidence, and third-party
interference [4]. Again, do we as individuals and society learn anything by keeping secretive
the public cost of the corrupted behaviour of Mr. Stockwell Day? No, again we don't learn
anything from keeping Day's settlement a secret, rather it would be a motivation to hide a
secret with another secret with the result to restrict further learning and further freedom.
And professor Flanagan, where is the civility shown by Stockwell Day?




More importantly, today, we have the Saskatoon Police, that after wrongfully enforcing the
secret over the sexual Scandal of the Century [5] for some 10 years with the complicity of
the Government of Saskatchewan, is asking the Court on January 16, 2001 to permanently
gag the plaintiff Richard Klassen and eventually dismiss his $10-Million lawsuit [6]. Again,
are we as individuals and society learning by having a police and a government who keep
their wrongdoings a secret? No, we are not learning by having a secretive police and a
secretive government, and this is why our freedom is being further and further eroded.



we will
take our freedom

It is very tiring to see so much depravation among our institutional leadership and realize
we must defend our individual freedom by ourselves, taking our own justice in our hands
as individuals and with no help from the justice system [7]. I must say that in Saskatchewan
there is no justice and there is no freedom, but human rights are stronger than statutory
rights, and we will take our freedom back. This is a certainty!
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