The open loop thinking continues:
Taking the Pulse of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan

Nipawin - January 22, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

learn how
to learn

Timothy Shire, publisher of Ensign, was mentioning to me that the ongoing educational
system doesn't provide the students with the skill to learn how to learn. Today, I was
mentioning to my son James how we need to learn with our body and our mind. In reading
the StarPhoenix' articles on the survey "Taking the Pulse of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan(1)(2)"
I shook my head and commented that these researchers ass-u-me too much in drawing
conclusions from this survey sponsored and directed by the University of Saskatchewan and
The StarPhoenix.



open loop

These researchers are so full of themselves that they have stopped learning; they don't know
yet that snapshots of the social and economic conditions of people are meaningless, and only
open loop researchers can make studies and conclusions out of the results of these surveys.
No doubt, we are going to have more researchers studying these surveys and find statistical
correlations between different phenomena without realizing that these correlations could have
no causal relationships between each other at all(3)




In Saskatchewan, we have researchers who have sold their souls to their biggest sponsoring
businesses and to our corrupted Government of Saskatchewan.(4)(5) It is no wonder that our
social and intelligent fabric has been eroded.(6)(7) As usual, I don't want to digress and assume
to much about commenting on this additional dump of our researchers. But let me first express
Winston Churchill's quote "We shape our buildings; thereafter, our building shape us" and
next, let me quote what Allison Williams, a principal investigator of the survey, has said "by
recognizing what we need to know, we can move forward to address these gaps"




I wonder, how you move forward if there is absolutely no mention of the social economic
policies which contributed to the divide between the poor and the rich in the last nine years of
this government. This survey is another reflection of the state of dementia of our leadership and
of our researchers. My advise is that until these people don't close their thinking loops, they
will make a contribution to the GDP with their researches as Stockwell Day did with his
bigoted settlement(8)
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