Nipawin - January 26, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


I began to write articles for Ensign as a natural opportunity to express my disappointment
with the demented mentality of our political, business and academic leadership. In fact,
some of my first articles have been dealing with "THE NEED OF TRANSFORMATIONAL
CHANGES IN SASKATCHEWAN." Today, I realize that this mentality is ubiquitous not
only across Canada but everywhere.




I have been describing this demented mentality as "linear thinking" that is a mentality which
ignores our natural iterative (feedback) learning processes. Our linear thinkers view the world
as a linear chain of (cause-effect) events rather than as a complex dynamic feedback system..



enemy is
the medical profession

Our health care system is dysfunctional because yesterday's solutions have become today's
problems. It is as to say that we have met the enemy and he is us. But for think tank Tommy
Douglas Research Institute, the enemy is not us, the enemy is the medical profession. I am
referring to the health care paper "Revitalizing Medicare: Shared Problems, Public Solutions"
written by Dr. Michael Rachlis, associate professor of health administration at the University
of Toronto, Robert Evans and Morris Barer, both experts in health economics at the University
of British Columbia, and Patrick Lewis, a health care consultant(1).




These Big Brains are all concerned about public medicare, and they continue to dump their
research papers in the toilette as they clean up their acts(2). These researchers are the same
Big Brains who blamed the doctors in the early 90s for the health care problems and who
re-engineered health care by cutting hospital beds(3).



on salary

Today, ignoring that the doctors are essential components of the health care system, this
ultimate research paper says that the medical profession is undermining the system, that the
doctors are the medicare's enemies, and that the health system should save money by putting
doctors on salary.



no doctor

If this is not enough, these Big Brains produce their numbers to evidence that there is no doctor
shortage. I am asking; how come we have so many foreign trained doctors while South Africa
is complaining to Canada about the stealing of their own doctors?



dynamic feedback

I advise Dr. Michael Rachlis & Co. to refer to the book 'Business Dynamics' when writing the
next paper. In the meantime, I provide a picture that shows figuratively the understanding of the
linear thinking world view as opposed to the dynamic feedback world view.
  List of relevant political and economics articles
  Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World, by John D. Sterman, 2000   Also refer to   and to


Medicare 'crisis' a sham: report, Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen, January 25, 2001




A Partial Diagnosis of Health Care Corruption: The Quality Circle of the Big Brains Includes Our Renown Health Economists, by Mario deSantis, March 9, 2000




Minister of Health Pat Atkinson: "Wellness Model" is outside the Canada Health Act, by Mario deSantis, March 7, 2000


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