Nipawin - January 28, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

NDP-Liberal coalition

In his acceptance speech, for the leadership of the NDP Party and as a consequence for
the premiership of Saskatchewan, Lorne Calvert has confirmed the demagogic positioning
of his leadership by stating that he will work to maintain the NDP-Liberal coalition, to
counter what he calls the coalition of disaffected Liberals, disgraced Tories, and Reformers
who make up the Saskatchewan Party.



United Church at work

Referring to his father who was a strong supporter of the Co-operative Commonwealth
Federation (CCF), the forerunner of the NDP, Calvert said that he grew up with the doctrine
that the 'The only friend of the working man is the CCF.' Calvert also said that 'The NDP is
the United Church at work.'



Coalition Church Way

So while Roy Romanow built the Saskatchewan's world for the Few and Privileged under
the banners of the Saskatchewan Way and the Coalition Liberal Way, we can expect
Calvert to build on Romanow's pile with the new banners of the Working Man Way and
the Coalition Church Way. I ask myself, where is any learning way?
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