Who is right and who is left,
Lorne Calvert or Elwin Hermanson?

Nipawin - January 30, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

left and

In our new socially changing world, the dichotomy of playing left and right should be
removed all together from our political language. The left and right traditional philosophical
entrenchment was rooted with our traditional perception that economic growth could happen
only through unbridled capitalism, and that economic equality, or redistribution of wealth,
could be accomplished only through socialism. Today, and with the collapse of communism,
our economic reality is that regardless of the degree of socialism or of the degree of
capitalism, we can advance both economically and socially for the benefit of every citizen(1).




Therefore, our different political parties should compete against each other under the premise
that we can have different social policies which are inclusive and not divisive. As a
consequence, I am not impressed by new premier designate Lorne Calvert when he says
that "Let us join in common quest for a just, civil and prosperous and a caring
Saskatchewan... we are not prepared to turn over this province to the economic and
political philosophy of the right(2)."



a little

Again, I am not impressed when he thanks Mr. Romanow and says that Mr. Romanow's
legacy has provided him with the chance to "dream a little(3)." Mr. Calvert doesn't realize
yet that Mr. Romanow's leadership has cheated the Saskatchewan people, and you know why?
Because Mr. Calvert has been part of Mr. Romanow's leadership all along, till yesterday when
he was special policy advisor to Mr. Romanow.



fragmentary accounting

Where is that chance to dream a little? There are still people who believe that Romanow
reduced the debt; this is a myth and the magic of a determined fragmentary accounting
policy to deceive the people(4)! Romanow was able to balance the operational yearly
budgets only by increasing dramatically the social and economic liability against the most
indigent people of this province(5).



right wing

I say, who was more right wing than Roy Romanow? Is it by chance that people and
journalists kept calling him Czar Romanow? No, it was not by chance. So, when Calvert
says that he doesn't want to turn this province to the economic and political philosophy of
the right, and at the same time he thanks Roy Romano. I am asking what we can expect
from him other than for him to be another right wing Romanow!




I am impressed by the recent statement of Saskatchewan Party leader Elwin Hermanson
that the provincial government should call an independent judicial inquiry into mounting
evidence that something is wrong with the Saskatchewan justice system. Hermanson has
stated that "from Milgaard to Martensville, the original Latimer trial to the foster child
case, evidence is building that the Saskatchewan justice system is susceptible to injustice(6)."
I go further than Hermanson, by stating that our injustice system has entered every facet of
our daily lives, not just 'the justice system.'



protect the system

The fact that Romanow has lied to the Saskatchewan people for the last decade of his
premiership(7), is the consequential reality of his regressive mentality to support the justice
system against the rights of the individual(8). If you protect the system against the just rights
of the individual, then you have injustice in every walk of life. This is why Romanow built a
society for the few and privileged(9).




Romanow didn't not hesitate to put in jail innocent people for the protection of his system(10).
The fact that the police, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services have confabulated for
many years in trying to suffocate the truth from coming out, in regard to the scandal of the
century(11), is evidence of the bad faith of this government, and that this government has
willingly contributed to the erosion of basic human rights in this province.
  Who is right and who is left, Lorne Calvert or Elwin Hermanson?
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Note: We must break down Premier Roy Romanow's myth that the system is more worth than individual rights. The law and order mentality of our justice system for protecting the individual rights of Saskatchewan people can be summarized by Serge Kujawa's statement made back in 1991 "It doesn't matter if Milgaard is innocent... The whole judicial system is at issue-it's worth more than one person." Serge Kujawa is a former prosecutor and colleague of Premier Roy Romanow.




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